Metal Roofing

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In the past, commercial buildings are where you saw metal roofing.  Lately, metal roofing is gaining popularity for residential homes. Some homeowners prefer the look of metal roofs, and some believe that they last longer. If deciding on a metal roof, there are some essential factors to consider. For starters, customers should understand Metal Roofingthat it generally has a 40-Year paint warranty. However, there is often no warranty on the metal material. Also, the paint warranty may not cover chalking or fading. You also need to consider the sound of rain and hail is a lot different from the other roofing types. Some people love the sound of rain hitting the metal roof, but others think they are living in a drum. 

Let’s talk about insurance. It is fire-resistant and usually withstands hailstorms better. Even though that may be true, it’s important to mention that homeowner’s insurance handles hail damage differently than your car insurance does. It may be able to withstand hail better – meaning it won’t leak, but your insurance company my say if your roof isn’t leaking and the life expectancy was not compromised, then they won’t pay for any hail damage. 

Homeowners then end up disappointed that the dents in their roof aren’t covered because the insurance company won’t repair any aesthetic damage. The roof is still functional in the eyes of the insurance company. And finally, it isn’t as pliable as asphalt shingles, homeowners should make sure the flashing is correctly installed. The more protrusions you have on your roof (i.e., chimney’s, vents, skylights, etc.), the more your roof is susceptible to future leaks if the flashing has been improperly constructed. 

Make Sure it is Correctly Installed. 

Homeowners make a mistake trying to save a few dollars on the installation costs by installing the metal roof over their existing roof material. It is recommended to tearing off any existing shingles and install the new roof on bare decking. Leaving asphalt shingles on will cause them to deteriorate over time, and the granulated surface will start creating rust to your metal roof by scratching it. Also, heat will be absorbed and cause it to expand and contract. If it has been installed over shingles, the metal will move even more, causing the screw holes to grow faster. If the homeowner is adamant about installing metal roofing over their shingles, then the use of a moisture barrier and wood battens will get the new roof up and off the shingles to help avoid any further problems.

The Cost of Installing.

Metal is usually higher priced, making the material cost more than a shingle roof.  However, it is not as costly as tile or slate. Metal roofing is not the perfect choice when it comes to financial investment consideration.  Metal Roofing is generally for customers who place high values on aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits.

This type of roofing gets classified as “water-shedding” more than “waterproof.” The difference in terms doesn’t mean a metal roof will leak. It merely means an additional underlayment is usually required for a complete weather seal. Also, some options work best with higher-pitch roof installation.

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