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Roofing Anderson SC: As we know here in the Upstate area, Anderson is one of the Magnets for severe storms. If your home or business has suffered storm damage to your roof in Anderson, SC, or the surrounding areas, it is important to contact an experienced roofer who can assess the damage and recommend repairs. PCS Roofing has protected homes in the upstate for 14 years. We understand the climate and the dangers South Carolina weather presents and can help you maintain your roof’s integrity in good weather and bad.

Typical Causes of Storm Damage In Anderson

  • Falling Limbs – Falling limbs can tear shingles, dent flashings, and shatter windows. They can also block and damage gutters, therefore, leaving your home in Anderson vulnerable to leaks and pooling.
  • Debris – Storms can deposit leaves and other debris in gutters, blocking drainage and Tree on Roof - Storm SC
    allowing water to accumulate and seep under your roof and into your home.
  • Hail Damage– Even small pieces of hail can dent and damage roofs, creating access points for water and other intruders. Damaged shingles will degrade much more quickly, often loosening and falling apart. Roofing for Anderson by PCS Roofing is here to help.
  • Severe Winds– Wind can also present a danger to your roof. Shingles can be ripped from their moorings and thrown about your yard. Wind can also rip branches from trees and hurl them at your roof or windows.

Roofing Anderson SC

In conclusion, Mother Nature can throw all kinds of things at us weather-wise. However, PCS Roofing is here to help you with your damage, insurance claims, or Financing. PCS is Licensed and Bonded.


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At PCS Roofing Anderson, insurance repair work is taken very seriously. We work the hardest to ensure that your claims are handled quickly and efficiently. 

Why PCS Roofing?

  • Large Claim or Small Claim, we can handle both.
  • We offer all repair aspects of insurance repair work.
  • PCS has worked with most SC insurance companies and is widely accepted.
  • Questions and Concerns are answered.
  • No Corners cut or a waste of your time.
  • Quality and Excellent Customer Service.

Before starting to file an insurance claim, PCS encourages you to contact us first. It may be possible your damage isn’t severe enough to file a claim.

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