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3 Things You Need to Know About Skylights.

Skylights appeared at the beginning of the Gothic period, and the skylight continues to seduce owners looking for elegance and refinement for their roofs. Their appearance perfectly dresses the exterior facade of the house thanks to a timeless style.

The skylight is a vertical bay placed projecting on the roof’s slope, making a mainly aesthetic element that ensures the penetration of light and the ventilation of your attic.

Very present on heritage buildings, there are more and more skylights on houses with contemporary architecture. Many homeowners are tempted to transform their attic into a living room, thanks to the various possibilities offered by a skylight. Nowadays, skylights can be huge and have a particularly modern look. Look at these openings with undeniable charm!

3 Things to Know About Roof Dormers Skylight

The Style of the Dormer will Depend on the Use of Your Attic.

Bull’s eye skylight, creeping skylight, trapezoidal skylight, and hipped skylight have endless skylight styles. The style should be according to the exterior appearance of your house and the use of your attic.

For example, a creeping skylight is very inclined by its shape and goes in the same direction as the roof’s slope. As a result, the windows will be pretty small. Although skylights can be used for ventilation, the light will be limited. For this reason, the creeping skylight can be used more if your attic is transformed into a storage room or a room that does not require a lot of light. 

However, if you want to transform your attic into a bedroom, it would be more advisable to opt for a rolled-up skylight. This type of skylight is covered by a flat roof, which allows the installation of a large window. As a result, light penetration will be optimized, as will the ventilation of the room.

2. The Skylight Contributes to the Durability of Your Roof

Did you know that the attic is the perfect place for the proliferation of molds and fungi of all kinds? Unfortunately, dark, damp, cold, and often poorly ventilated attics tend to deteriorate quickly, especially if they are poorly maintained.

Even if you don’t turn your attic into a living room, installing a skylight on your roof would be the perfect option to ventilate your attic and intensify the penetration of light on sunny days.

You will find that mold will go away over time. However, note that the roof’s insulation must be particularly effective to remedy once and for all your moisture problems.

3. Skylights Transformed into Roof Terraces

Modern homes tend to take original geometric shapes, which gives them a very trendy look. However, this does not prevent the installation of skylights, which due to their design possibilities, blend perfectly into homes with a contemporary look.

There are now skylights made up of a terrace and a bay window to take full advantage of the sunshine and comfort. Like what, even if the skylight appeared decades ago, it is a timeless element that has evolved!


Bringing the light into habitable attics, you can opt for skylights. Roof windows require less work and have a lower cost. But the skylights bring a lot of character to the house. They have a classic aesthetic, offer a more comfortable vertical view to admire the landscape, and increase the area of ​​the room. But to lay them, the roof’s slope must be at least 30 °, and the installation is subject to quite extensive work, which is more prolonged and more expensive. Finally, it is a complex realization that requires calling on a specialized craftsman.

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