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As roofing professionals who fix problems caused by a lack of roof maintenance, we enthusiastically recommend annual roof maintenance and check-ups. Maintained roofs typically last at least 25% longer than roofs that are not supported. Notably, that works out to a difference of five to eight years. PCS Roofing, we’ll inspect your roof, perform all tasks necessary to maintain your warranty and provide a comprehensive report with photos with each visit. We are available for any size and style of residential and commercial roofs. When maintained, your roof will perform better, last longer, and cost less over its lifetime.

Inspections reduce the likelihood of leaks because we can identify and address issues before they become significant problems, including:

  • Debris that restricts water flow and runoff.
  • Contaminants that are being discharged on your roof.
  • Damage from severe weather (like hail).
  • Damage caused by careless personnel who have serviced mechanical equipment.
  • Roof Maintenance on additions or alterations that have become compromised.


Our team provides fast responses and can handle a wide range of jobs, including:

Roofing Maintenance and Service

Roofing repair and replacement

Siding repair and replacement

Gutter repair and replacement

Interior repairs

Debris removal

Damage assessment

Porch Roofing




Estimates for emergency services are provided at no charge and without obligation. If you choose PCS for the repair, we can begin the work right away. We’ll also assist you in making any insurance claims and provide you with the evidence needed to make the claim process as fast yet easy as possible.

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