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September 5, 2019 0 Comments

Avoid Getting Taken advantage of After the Storm!

After the Storm sometimes leads to ROOFING SCAMS!!!!! I’m sure you have been told stories of being taken advantage of by shady contracting services. While, PCS is a residential and commercial roofing contractor,  the following four questions can be applied to any trade or contractor that provides disaster relief services.

1) Licensed, Bonded and insured? (Roofing Scam Check)

Say “NO” to an unlicensed or uninsured roofing company wanting to fix your roof . Always check their license and insurance. (You can ask for a copy of the license and Certificate of Insurance). Read over the insurance to make sure it provides adequate coverage should any issues or claims arise.

2) Can they provide accurate residential/commercial roofing quote for your unique roof?

Not all roofs are equal. Therefore, no roofing contractor can give you a reliable scope of work without seeing your roof and analyzing the damage. If your hometown roofing company is the best in town at residential shingle roofing, it doesn’t mean they’re certified commercial roofing contractors. Ask if the are certified by any roofing supply companies like GAF, Certainteed, etc. 

3) Do they communicate often and hold themselves accountable through on-site supervision?

The most common complaints roofing contractors receive is the lack of communication and accountability. A contractor might show up twice! The beginning of your project and then to deliver your invoice when the job is completed. A reliable contractor will give you updates on the progress of the job , be upfront with unforeseen issues, and have solutions should unforeseen problems pop up. Therefore, having an On-Site supervisor can resolve any problem that arises.

4) After the Storm – Do they have the crew and materials right now?

Even if the contractor answers the first 3 questions, does not make them up to the task. If you hired and contractor that is not properly equipped or lacking materials to finish your roofing project in a timely manner. After all, you are the client and want your job finished,.


Unlike having time to shop around or get quotes, many of us find ourselves forced to make a snap decision on what to do. After all, in those times of crisis, these questions and insights can provide peace of mind.