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November 22, 2019 0 Comments

Attaching things to your roof.

DO NOT attach or mount anything on your roof haphazardly!

Attaching things to your roof such as, Basketball hoops, Christmas lights, Solar panels, Satellite dishes, can cause damage. While these attachments may seem reasonable or commonplace, they are damaging your shingles!

Boring holes on your roof to install screws or hammering down nails on it, naturally, creates gaps where water can seep through. Over time, these holes can get more prominent, and the bigger they are, the worse they can damage your roof.

Basketball hoop attaching hardware can expose the portion of your roof to excessive vibration. That can cause the bolts on your roof to break the roof’s seal and cause leaks, which are expensive to repair.

If you have them professionally installed, you can ask your providers for options to prevent creating holes or cracks in your roof. Using eave brackets to mount a satellite dish is a much better way. 

Basketball hoops are much better being on its standard pole or mount it on a high wall. 

If you need help or information on the proper mounting of any item to your roof please contact PCS Roofing. 


Avoid attaching Christmas lights outside with screws, nails or a staple gun,. Doing this directly into your roof surface, as this will cause leaks. The direct contact can puncture your roof surface (especially shingles and flat roofs), which can allow moisture to seep in. After all, the last thing you want is a leaking roof during the holidays. Please be careful and if you need any advice please contact PCS.


Nothing to worry about when Santa lands his sleigh on your roof. Santa’s sleigh hovers about 2-3 inches from your roof surface. Santa does not want to ruin everyones Christmas morning with a leaky roof!


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