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April 24, 2024 0 Comments

Can You DIY Fix Your Roof? Reasons Why This Is Not a Good Idea for Homeowners

DIY videos and home improvement TV shows make even the most complicated tasks seem like they are a breeze to complete. But when it comes to making repairs on a roof, taking the DIY approach can be more harmful than it is beneficial. Here are several reasons why you should think twice before attempting to fix your roof on your own. 


Safety Risks


There are myriad safety risks that come with working on a roof. Compared to other sectors within the construction industry, roofing is the most dangerous, as it accounts for most falls that lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Roofers make use of specialized safety equipment, such as harnesses and roof anchors, and they have the training necessary to safely navigate slippery or steep surfaces.


Lack of Expertise


Roofing requires specific skills that are acquired over several years. This enables roofing professionals to have the knowledge to correctly diagnose problems so that the wrong fixes are not applied. Sure, you can replace a few missing shingles; however, you will not have the experience to correctly determine whether structural problems are present, which can end up costing you dearly. If your waterproof layer is compromised, this will negatively impact the structural integrity of your roof which can, in turn, severely damage your property.


Potential for Further Damage


Without the proper training and experience, you can potentially damage your roof further. Incorrectly walking on roofing tiles, using the incorrect roofing materials and improper installations can cost you more than if you were to hire a professional in the first place.


Voiding Warranties


Many roofing materials come with warranties that you can void if you fail to hire a professional to make the repairs. You will negate the purpose of saving money because you will be responsible for all future repairs, which can potentially end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.


Issues with Insurance


Many insurance companies outline specific clauses in their contracts about who must perform repairs. DIY roof repairs can lead to complications with getting any claims covered should something go wrong. You will be responsible for the cost of the improper repair work, which will cause you to incur significant out-of-pocket costs.


To ensure that your home has optimal protection, you must hire a roofing professional to make any necessary repairs, and PCS Roofing is happy to be at your service. Our highly trained roofers specialize in roof installs, replacement, and repairs in Simpsonville, Greenville, and Upstate SC. Give us a call today and experience our quality workmanship.