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Critters get off my roof and quit causing damage

Critters on Roof

Critters get off my roof and quit causing damage: Raccoons, bats, birds, and rats..oh my. Critters and pests know how to do real damage to your home. Some burrow into your basement, dig holes in your roof, some like to make their home in your attic. Most creatures love the warmth of your home over the chilly outdoors.

These are some guests that can wreck havoc on your home, so necessary precautions are essential. We’ve provided you with some essential tips below to protect your roof from critters.

Maintenance of your Shingles.

You had your roof installed by a very professional roofing company. Still, when high winds hit the area, it can knock shingles out of place. Most likely, it was not caused by poor installation of your roof. If you have high winds often in your area, you could switch over to Metal Roofing Shingles. Metal Shingles can withstand very high winds and harsher storm elements.

Another thing you can do is reseal the shingles. Wind can knock shingles out of place, leaving them vulnerable to be easily pried off by Critters. Sealant wears off over time, which is why, depending on the amount of wind damage to your roof, you may be better off replacing your roof.

Trim Back Trees

Animals that climb are the most destructive critters. They use the tree to climb up and jump over to your roof. They can do some severe damage to your roof and insulation and can be quite expansive. It is always a great idea to keep your trees trimmed, especially ones with long-reaching branches.

Update your Insulation

Like we said above, critters can do extreme damage to your home’s insulation. Some pests can pick under those loosened shingles and quickly start eating at your insulation. Poorly installed insulation will give these pests even more of a chance to destroy your home. If you haven’t inspected your insulation, you need to at the start of spring. It’ll help from any further pest invasions. Ask your local professional roofer for recommendations on insulation. Some roofers also do insulation work.

Critters – off my roof and quit causing damage

Roof Inspection

You know you’ve resealed your shingles, had your trees professionally trimmed back and updated your insulation, and are feeling pretty good about keeping the pests out. It is highly recommended you still get a regular roof inspection by your local roofing company. Big storms can damage your shingles or blow some of them loose. Always have your gutters, vents, and chimney if you have one. These places are where animals can do the most damage to your roof. The more consistent you are about checking your roof, the better chance at keeping them pesky critters away.

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Article by: PCS Roofing of Simpsonville SC. Plagiarism checked and passed on May 14th, 2020.  


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