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July 15, 2019 0 Comments

Do you have moisture problems under your roof surface?

Roof moisture issue can go unnoticed in most cases. There is a problem when the roof leak goes on for an extended period. 

The roof moisture will also result in further damage on the roof as well as roof deck concerns. It is important that homeowners prevent these issues from occurring. When you identify the signs, contact a roof repair company for further assistance. In some cases, it might become difficulty preventing these issues from occurring. That is why it is important you make sure you are observing the roof for signs of moisture.

Signs that will alert you when you have moisture on the roof.

  • Water spots on the ceiling or the wall

The number one sign that tells you there is moisture on the roof is seeing those water spots on the ceiling on the wall. When moisture collects on the roof, it forms drops that will fall on the ceiling. When these drops accumulate on the ceiling, you will see a brown stain. This is an indication of a leaking roof.

  • Rust on the roof

The second indication of roof moisture is rust on the nails or the roof itself. Rust occurs when there is oxidation on the roof. Note that when metals are exposed to water, there is a high likelihood of rusting. This is serious problems when it occurs on the roof. You need to make sure that the problem is addressed immediately before the rust has extended to the whole roof. This is because it can result in roof damage.

  • You see dark stains on the roof

The resulting water pools on the attic drywall making a stain. In most cases, the stain is a sign of algae, which might occur directly below the metal flashing around the chimney, or the ventilation of the roof. It is important that you regularly check the area under the roof and especially at the corners to see if there is a sign of algae or any dark spots. When you see those dark spots, it should tell you to have moisture issue on your roof. Immediate action needs to be taken which is contacting an expert for roof repair.

  • Damaged roof sheathing

The roof sheath is one of the most important parts of your roofing system. Moisture can result in damage on the sheathing. Therefore, when you see your roofs sheath seems damaged, it might be a sign of moisture.

  • Moisture buildup on the roof rails

Regularly check the condition of the roof nails. If you see some moisture build up on the roof nails, it is definitely a sign that the moisture could be getting to the attic. In addition, the moisture on the roof nails can result in rust on the nails.

When these signs are prevalent, contact roofing services expert for the issue to be addressed immediately.