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Does your porch need a new roof?

Porch roofs have been standard on homes everywhere for years. These roofs can protect your porch area from excess water during inclement weather. Remember, water can be destructive to untreated wood and concrete. They are a great addition to homes wanting square spacing. If you have a porch roof, it’s your responsibility to keep it steady and leak-free. If you suspect your roof has seen its day, you need to seek assistance from a roofing professional. 

In Simpsonville SC and Upstate SC areas, you can trust PCS Roofing
on your Roof needs. We’re a reputable neighborhood firm that is all about excellent work and customer satisfaction.

When am I due for Roof Replacement?

It can be beneficial to be aware of things that show a need for roofing repair or replacement on your porch area. If your porch roof was installed 15 to 20 years ago, replacement might be ideal. After 20 years, 
Roofing materials generally don’t stay strong and intact. If your porch roof is a minimum of 20 years old, you should schedule an in-depth
inspection. Are there any lost shingles? Are they buckling or curling in any way? Do you see a lot of shingle granules collecting inside you guttering? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then your porch roofing my require replacement. Also, look for roof valleys. Roof valleys can be a significant problem because they could sink. Any past leaks may lead to roof valleys. Leaks can trigger wood deterioration that can lead to collapsing.

Always give your neighborhood roofing company a call if any of the above happens. A professional inspection will allow them to tell you what you need and an estimate.

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