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November 1, 2019 0 Comments

Don’t Walk on the Roof

Walking on the roof needs to be entirely unavoidable. After all, what reason do you have to be waking on the roof? Avoid it at all costs! You are putting yourself at risk of slipping or falling, but you’re also compromising your roof by subjecting it to weights that are not prepared to support.

A roof is sensitive to pressure and height. While its interior framing supports the materials used on the roof, the materials themselves still crack or dislodge under weight.

If you absolutely must be walking on the roof, it’s better to find a vantage point from where you can prop a ladder against and have a good view of your roof from that spot.
If walking on the roof is a necessity, make sure you aren’t staying in one place to avoid heavily pressuring your shingles.

Better yet, if you are trying to conduct a roof inspection, let your local professional roofing contractor carry it out instead.
This way, if ever your roof is damaged due to someone walking on them (which is highly unlikely with roofing professionals, but still a risk), repairs can be made quickly and efficiently.