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Getting the Best Roofing Warranty

Many homeowners know very little about their roofing warranty. However, we advocate for being keen when purchasing roofing products. The available warranties can make a massive difference in the kind of benefits you will enjoy. We have been in the roofing industry long enough and can help you know what to look for. You must check the products availed, the warranty timeline, and the various conditions for each offer. Some companies also require you to select a roofer they approve for the coverage to remain valid. However, we know that getting all this information might be hectic. That is why our roofers help you analyze each package until you get what suits you. Here are a few pointers you can use. 

Product Warranty

The most vital thing to crosscheck before settling for a roofing product is the warranty provided. Different companies offer diverse coverage depending on the items you purchase. That is why you need the expertise of a seasoned roofer to help you choose. We can guide you to the materials that suit your budget and offer the best coverage. 

Some of the things we look at are the following:

  • Warranty timeline
  • Types of products to buy
  • Quality of the items
  • Compensation guarantee


We also help you check the craft warranty provided by the various manufacturers. Some companies specify the expertise of those who can install their products. Therefore, you need to know the best contractor to install your roofing. However, if a manufacturer lacks workmanship coverage, you can go for your preferred roofer. Nevertheless, this risks low-quality work and damage during installation. This may cost you your product warranty. 

Nullifying Conditions

Before you sign any warranty contract, ensure you go through the terms and conditions. Do not ignore the fine print like most buyers. You need to know what might nullify the warranty. For example, some manufacturers require having the roofing contractor during the installation of a solar panel. This way, the roofer will ensure nothing damages the structure. Others might declare the warranty invalid if you do not use a certified roofer during installation. 


Does your choice warranty provide annual maintenance checks? If you want this included, you need to confirm with your roofer which coverage to choose. This way, you can get free maintenance appointments to keep the roof looking good for decades. 

Reach Out

We know the best products and can help you maintain your budget and get a quality roof. Our employees have extensive roofing experience, which makes your work easier. Your warranty will remain valid for its full term, and we can help you get the proper compensation. Work with us for the best roofing experience.