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January 2, 2020 0 Comments

Gutters Harming Roof

Blocked Gutters, ignoring not an option.

Gutters harming roof: I‘m sure you have been told thousands of times from when your parents told you until you owned your first home. “Clean the Gutters”!

We all know that this chore is a pass over on the to-do list. Nobody wants to clean their gutters. After all, ladders, twigs, leaves all molding and mushy things lying in there, and don’t forget that little dead bird you may find is not a fun weekend activity. I hate being up on a ladder. Not that I’m scared of heights, but the ladder slipping and me falling. My gutters are not worth a broken back! (Ok, so that is another excuse for me not to clean them).

Anything that clogs your gutters will cause standing water on your roof edges pulls mounting brackets of the guttering with the weight of the water.

Standing water, of course, makes an excellent breeding ground for mosquitosand bacteria. For health reasons, you want to avoid this.

Spring is coming and will be bringing rain with it. Make sure you have a un-clogged path for the water to make it to the ground.

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