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How long does a normal shingle roof last?

One question many people who have been on the market to replace or fix their roof is “what is the lifetime” for each roof type. We’ll start by talking about how long does a normal shingle roof last in this post. 

While shingles are definitely one of the more traditional roofing techniques, it’s also one of those tried and true products. We know it will be cost-effective and will provide a lasting product. Besides, technology has given improvements in the manufacturing of shingles.

The weather we usually see throughout every year can vary greatly. In SC we generally have 2 major loops – massive amounts of sun followed by a rainy seasons and strong winds..

For this purpose, the South Carolina Roofing professionals install a large number of shingle roofing systems. Shingles are very cost-effective for the customer and have a very stable and long-lasting result if they are properly installed.

Materials and quality of work — and the weather elements in your location — determine a roof’s lifetime. While several roof styles last less than 15 years, others can hold well for 50 years or longer. However, a severe storm or a large fallen tree can shorten the life.

Not sadly, cheaper roofing materials do not last as long as more expensive types, so there is also a large price range.  In the beginning, shingles cost $70 per square (in terms of roofing, a “square” is 100 square feet) and at the other end, you can spend as much as $1,500 per square with shingles in the highest price range that could last longer than the house itself. 

So keep reading to learn how long various shingle styles are likely to determine your roof’s lifespan.

How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last?

How steep your roof is? Since the snow and water wash off and don’t rest on them, roofs that have a lower slope or are almost flat wear out faster than steeper roofs.

How much sun is going over your roof? Because of the sun, it is common to wear out quicker on the south side of a roof than on the north side. If your home is covered by trees and shrubs, your roof can last longer than the house across the street which is exposed to the elements and weather completely.  But trees can cause serious damage and wear – and – tear to a roof that also shortens the life of the shingles. 

The weather also can take its toll on shingles in Upstate Carolinas. The extreme temperature variations in winter that cause the frequent freeze/thaw cycles often wear out shingles faster than years where if the climate gets really cold and stays frozen until spring. Houses without adequate roof ventilation would also undergo rapid degradation of their shingled roof.

What Does The Warranty Really Mean?

In the written warranties, the language is full of loopholes and clauses which let the manufacturer’s business off the hook. The packaging may claim 25 or 30-year shingles. However, there is always just a 3 – 5-year warranty in the fine print and a prorated decreasing warranty. The warranty also only covers you against faulty materials and not against usual wear and tear. 

If the manufacturer believes the shingles have not been properly installed, no warranty. Sun, wind, or disruption to the atmosphere-no guarantee. There is a difference between something being feasible under normal circumstances, and what is realistic.

Asphalt Shingles are now the most popular shingles. Homeowners buy because they are considered the most affordable in comparison with other alternatives. That said, not all shingles made from asphalt are the same. There are simple, mid, high-quality, and premium shingles and they are priced accordingly. Are high priced shingles going to last longer?

They’re thicker and heavier so the idea is they’re going to hold up longer to the heat. Note that for an adequate covering a steep slope needs more shingles than a flat roof. Make sure that you contact our experts and ask for a quote for free.

Bottom Line:

The lifetime of your lasts depends upon the type of material you have used. How the installation techniques applied as well as any damage that might need to be repaired over its lifespan. All the above guidelines will help you understand the lifetime of shingles and when to repair your roof as well as to consider the possible lifetime value of your investment in a new roof. 

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