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It can be quite challenging to choose the right roof color because you’ll have to enjoy living with your choice for a more extended period. Here are just a couple of factors to consider when attempting to make that choice.

A beautiful combination of roof and siding color can boost the curb appeal of a home for decades; that’s why it’s essential to pick the best match, which adds to the unique personality of your home.

How to choose a roof color

If you’re changing the exterior of your home entirely with just a new roof and siding, re-roofing, or re-siding your home, these ideas will help you to find a combination of house and roof colour that will satisfy you for years to come.

Let’s dive into it.

Coordinate with Siding and Shutters

Without regard to the broader picture, interior designers do not pick pretty random colors for flooring, shelves, worktops and ceilings. All colors have to work together just to hit a visually integrated and appealing whole.

The very same holds for the exterior of your home. Firstly, the color of the rooftop should be significantly different to provide contrast. A dark brown roof will also bore with dark stained wood siding.

Brown shingles will work a more distinct contrast with beige siding, a slight difference or with white. Further, whenever the roof’s color picks up tones in window shutters, front door or accent trim, the exterior look binds nicely.

Color of Roofing and Siding
How to choose a roof color

Black Vs. White

Black-shingled roofs typically get 10-15 degrees hotter on sunny days than the white-shingled tops. However, black-shingled roofs lose heat faster during the evening than those with white-shingles. Both black, as well as white-shingled roofs share standard temperature profiles at night. The absorption of color heat determines peak sheathing temperatures on a roof.

Summer Colors

And during the summertime, a light-colored roof receives very little heat from the sun. Your air conditioning system thus works smoother, consumes less energy and reduces power bills. By comparison, the highest rooms of your home would most likely be covered by a dark-colored roof. Your refrigeration system works harder to compensate for the increased heat, so your bills increase.

Winter Shades for Roofs

But the reverse holds in winter. A dark roof conveys extra desired sun heat than a light roof does. Therefore, darkened roofs have become an asset of long winters and short summers in colder regions. For the perfect roof color in your area, seek advice from your residential roofing contractor.

Most Popular for Brick.

The most common brick color for houses’ exterior can also switch from year to year. One way of identifying the time frame brick home was constructed is by the brick color. Several colors have been prevalent in the ‘60s, such as red brick with different colors all across, that you sometimes see in older suburban neighborhoods. But today, the most common colors are very different for new buildings. While you’ll see some red brick houses, most new buildings have lighter brick colors like brown, white, buff, and shades of grey. Even if you’ve got an older home, you might hop on that bandwagon and paint your wall.

Today we already see an uptrend in older brick homes painted in common shades of color to refresh the home look. While painting, you need to bear in mind the color of your house. If you’re going to paint your house white and also have a black shutter, but you’ve got a tan roof, then it’s going to collide.

Bottom Line

Focus on the architecture of your home until you pick a shingle color for your house. For instance, if it has a southwestern or Spanish flair that’s popular in Texas, you’ll need to choose red or clay tiles.

Ranch-style homes usually have uniform-colored roofs, while modern homes also have color variations. Try selecting a color that will match the theme of your home. The color you choose for the roof of your home will affect it in a lot of ways.

Working with skilled roofing contractors will help you choose the best fit for your home; however, you need to take the time to select carefully will result in a home roofing color you’ll be proud of.

It can be daunting to have several colors or designs on your roof to look at, so keep it simple. Please keep in mind that if you are considering selling your home, you need to choose the color of the roof that you love, but that will appeal to buyers.

Choose a color on the roof that not only makes it simple on the eyes but also adds character and appeal. A certified roofing contractor will help you choose the color of your roof and give you a professional installation that will protect your home from the elements and make it beautiful.

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How to Choose a Roof Color