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Leak-Prone Areas on Your Roof

Leak-Prone Areas of your roof. While the roof is a generally sturdy and resilient structure, some parts are more prone to weathering and environmental damage. Leaks have a habit of developing in these areas, which aggravates the problem. The results can result in a more serious structural concern.

Roof Valleys

The roof valleys are points where two sections of the roof intersect. While these are usually covered by flashings, the thin metal strips that prevent water intrusion can get worn down, too.

Roof valleys are prone to developing leaks after a storm or as the roof gets older, so it’s important to check if the flashings are still holding up. The good news is it’s fairly easy to do so, as you just need to repair or replace them as soon as possible to prevent leaks.

Roof Edge

The edge is another part of the roof that’s susceptible to water damage, and it’s often due to problems with the gutters. When the gutters get clogged or blocked, the water can spill right on the edge of the roof, often ending up in the fascia or soffit.

In some cases, the extra weight in the gutters can actually detach the gutter from the roof, damaging it and loosening shingles in the process. Thankfully, this is something you can prevent by regularly cleaning the gutters.

Leak-Prone Areas on Your Roof
Leak-Prone area of roof covered by owner

Roof Field

While uncommon, leak damage can also manifest on the surface where the shingles are actually laid upon. When the shingles crack or get worn down, the nails underneath it will be exposed. In addition to loosening the shingles, water can easily find its way through these cracks and gaps. In time, the water damage will extend to the underlayment and even to the wooden parts of the roof.

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Leak-Prone Areas on Your Roof. Blog 2019