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February 3, 2023 0 Comments

Roof Leaks and What to Know

With all the rain we have had these past couple of weeks in Upstate South Carolina, it is important to know what to look for when inspecting for roof leaks and how PCS Roofing can help. When inspecting for damage you should walk around your house and assess any visible damage done by the storm. Begin by evaluating the corners and the perimeter of the roof as these areas can be vulnerable to high storm winds. Check for missing shingles and the edges and corners of the roof to see if they’re curling up. Make sure to record any damage by taking pictures which could help for insurance purposes. Damage can include dented, curled, torn, or missing shingles. Be sure to check your attic and ceilings for any leaks or water spots even if your roof looks fine from the outside. The color of moisture infiltration can be yellow, brown, or grey in color. Be on the lookout for any discoloration and peeling paint. Increased energy bills could also be a sign that the roof’s ventilation system has been damaged and affected by a leak or storm damage to your roof. If you notice any damage done to your roof from a storm, PCS Roofing can help you. At PCS Roofing we can assess your roof with our professional contractors, provide you with an estimate to fix the leak, and repair your roof while using quality products. Be sure to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider and PCS Roofing to see if you qualify for an insurance claim. Remember to leave the roof inspection and work to the professionals, and contact PCS Roofing for all your roofing and roof damage needs!

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