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September 26, 2018 0 Comments

Roof Power Washing….nooooooo

Stains and grime on your roof spoil the overall look of your exterior. However, pressure washing isn’t the best to get rid of it and restore your roof’s natural look. You are more likely to damage it with high-pressure water or chemicals

—- A potent pressure wash, plus the cleaning solutions, can cause granules to fall off your shingles. —-

Pressure or Power Washing can also leave cracks in your shingles, and because there are tiny granules on it. Water can sneak in those cracks and cause damage!

Power washing can also contribute to your roof’s deterioration that you may fail to realize. Roofs can be quite sensitive to the excessive applied force. It is especially true for shingles.

If you are looking to have your roof cleaned, it is best to call a professional power washing company to have it done. The way they pressure wash involves a gentler process, milder pressure and cleaning solutions that won’t damage your roof.

Roof Power Washing…..nooooo! Ask your local roofing company if they recommend anyone.