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May 16, 2024 0 Comments

Roof Replacement: Common Reasons for Delays and How to Avoid Them

Severe roof damage affects the structural integrity of your house. The experience of a damaged roof is disgusting to house occupants due to water leaks and pest infestations. The situation gets alarming as time passes; thus, an assessment by a roofing expert is required. Roofing replacement becomes a permanent solution to the roofing problems. Despite the delight of getting a roof replacement, delays may result from the following circumstances.

Underlying Structural Issues Within the Roofing System

You might think that roof replacement is just a matter of placing the roof shingles. However, during the roof replacement project, the contractor may uncover structural issues affecting the integrity of your roof. For instance, there might be rotted rafter or sagging plywood spots due to water leaks. Aging may also cause worn-out flashings. All these structural integrity issues will require repairs, thus causing unexpected delays. Contracting a reputable roofer who can fix the problems promptly can minimize the delays.

Unfavorable Weather

Extreme weather conditions, like cold temperatures, rain, and heavy snow, will delay your roof replacement project. Roof decks, rafters, and trusses get destroyed by rain or moist conditions from snow. Also, roofing products, like sealants and adhesives, have temperature tolerance limits. They take longer to dry in cold weather. The roof replacement won’t continue until the rain or snowfall is over. Roof replacement should occur when the weather is conducive to avoid delays. 

Delivery Delays

Supply chain issues, shipping backups, and lack of roofing components may cause delivery delays. Other delivery delays are due to house owners trying to source materials, yet they don’t know where to get them. Avoid delivery delays by planning thoroughly. Moreover, let your roofing contractor bring in everything because they know where to get quality roofing materials without delays.

Change Orders

Change orders mostly happen if the clients want to change the roofing replacement materials or have an overall roof remodeling. Unclear instructions may also lead to a change of orders. A change in order calls for more time to plan and deliver the necessary materials, causing an unexpected delay. Plan thoroughly, request clarifications, and seek the contractor’s advice to eliminate chances of changing orders.

Delays in Permit Issuance

Depending on your city, a roof replacement permit may be required before the project starts. You will, therefore, be required to apply for the permit. Inspectors will then come to assess your project so that it can be approved. The delays result from unprocessed permit applications or overwhelmed inspectors in your area. However, don’t sit down. Follow up with the inspector’s office to see the cause of the delay.

A reputable roofer in town may help you avoid some of the setbacks above. At PCS Roofing, we offer excellent workmanship in roof replacement, repairs, and installs. We have well-trained and experienced roofing experts. We also provide financing options to ensure the roofing installations continue without delays. Call us today to have your roof fixed.