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A larger percentage of ceiling damages are caused by termites. Most likely, other parts of your home, like the walls and other wooden roof supports, will also be infected if proper care is not taken. Now! Your beloved home is prone to be harmed by termites, especially the roof, like any other wooden panel. Then you’ll begin to find termites around hot places, in wet rooms where excessive moisture occurs under the roof insulation, and in many other comfort zones.

Termite Damage

Termites live inside the wood and feed on the wooden substance. Like roof beams, and roof/wood panels. Additionally, they are comfortable behind wooden shingles, where they might begin a whole new colony. This roof enemy can be seen in two categories: 

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites form their nests on the surface. On the one hand, have this befitting environment for infestation. 

Worker termites

Worker Termites use “tubes” to reach food sources in masonry and chimneys. This species of termite will eat both roofing materials and anything that contains cellulose, like:

  • Drywall, 
  • Wallpaper, 
  • Clothing 

You should also be aware that even carpets in your home could be destroyed due to termite surges.

Do not delay in seeking professional treatment before termites destroy your roof completely. The following are some warning signals of termite activity in your home: 

Tips for Noticing Termite Infection

Every home lover needs to understand the symptoms so they can keep on guard. Their identification might be tough, but no worries search for the below red flags: 

Cracked ceiling

Due to shifting wood, fractures may appear in your ceiling when dry wood termites infest structural timbers. 

Termite excrement

Dry wood termites leave behind light-brown fecal pellets called frass, or frass with ridges, after each feeding. They throw out their poop through little holes when they clean out their nest. 

  • Termite swarmers might be found in the building, alive or dead. 
  • Mud shelter tubes, either in the crawl area or outside, maybe present under the building’s foundation. 
  • You will notice termite infestations or damage to the roof.
  • You may notice some coloration on the ceiling like water stains, which may appear similar to those caused by termites.   

How to Prevent Damage by Termites. 

Whether you live in an older home or a brand new one. Do not wait until your roof falls, your structural timber beams get weakened, and your roof insulation is eaten into pieces before doing something about them:

  • Painting and giving special treatment to any exposed wood on your home’s outer part is a great way to improve the look of your property.
  • Leakages in your shingles, boards, or eaves should be fixed as soon as possible. 
  • Leaks in your basement or crawlspace should be taken care of immediately.  
  • The gutters should be kept clear of debris for proper drainage. 
  • The entire attic and foundation must be vented properly. 
  • Always ensure your home is free of wood debris, do not allow wood scraps to accumulate near your property.  

Preventive treatments and regular inspections are the best ways to discover and eradicate concealed termite infestations in roof.

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