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September 13, 2020 0 Comments

Skylights: The pluses and minuses about them

Skylights, the pluses and minuses about them. Only several people in their lives might say that they don’t need a bit more sun. But is it true that skylights are worth the time and effort? For centuries the Skylights have been around.

Skylights the pluses and minuses about them.

In the architecture, even the ancient Romans included them to lighten the dark corners of their houses. And yet shedding a little light into your home isn’t the only reason to install one or two skylights. Also, trying to add them does not open equal immediate sunlight, either.

Because life is challenging, so we believe that you deserve to add a little more sunshine in your life to lift it up. It can transform your mood in such a fast-paced world and improve your overall health & lifestyle. Therefore, bring a little light into your house.

Skylight windows are bringing light into a house and turning this into a luxurious place. They are energizing darkened corners and bringing life into every space. This additional light that you get from the skylights will affect your freedom and your life.

Look at these pros and cons of adding skylights before you start a massive on-roof renovation.

Benefits of Adding a Skylight into Your Space

Rooftop windows and skylights can offer homeowners several upsides as they can boost your home’s overall value (equity). Add them to fix specific problems in snobbish, cold, or dark rooms.

The most significant advantage of skylights is the way they let direct sunlight into your space.

And Solar Heat comes with that light. Why would that be important to you? Natural light is known to enhance the state of mind, and perhaps even help with workplace performance. And in the chilly seasons heating, your home with sunlight can save on heating costs. Skylight windows may be accessible to let the fresh air in.

If you think winter is the worst enemy of your skylight, spring starts with its anger and frustration. The good thing about having skylights in a home is of course all of the natural light you have from them. That’s also mainly for cold weather because our bodies yearn for less overall exposure to the natural light.

No one prefers to be cooped up in a dark, dim, artificially lit cave system on those cloudy winter days when the sun is setting shortly once it rises.

Consider installing a leak-proof skylight which has laminated glass. Small tweaks such as skylights can add up equity to your home, increase the selling price, and provide an appealing, natural light atmosphere for specific rooms.

Similar to the addition of mirrors on the ceilings, skylights can end up making a space “feel bigger” and more extensive. You can also get a view of the daytime sky at night or nature.

Downside of Adding a Skylight into your space.

One of the skylight’s significant drawbacks is that they aren’t incredibly eco friendly. As temperature tends to increase, a home with such a skylight typically loses 35 – 45 percent more heat than a window installed throughout the winter along a house’s side.

Far worse, it will cause almost perpetual condensation when the heating in your home touches the cold window, which could impact your home’s waterproofing and cause significant damage and leakage over time.

You may probably have ended up with a room that’s just too bright, depending on the orientation and the size of the skylight. Because when light comes directly onto the skylight, during certain times of each day it can make a room virtually unusable.

What if you’re in this respect? One way would have been to keep north-facing ceiling portions with skylights. This will restrict the amount of direct light entering the skylight, particularly when the sunlight would have had to make the journey through a shaft to enter the room.

If you can’t position it on a roof facing north, put it on the roof higher to take advantage of a relatively long skylight shaft.

Bottom Line:

Surely, skylights can add up some more round of happiness and joy to your home by bringing in even more natural light in cold weather to make it warm to lighten the dark. So while in winter you may have the perfect amount of light you need, but you may end up paying a heavy price afterward by excessive heating of your home and making rooms useless or uncomfortable.

However, one of the best pro practices is to simply remove the skylights altogether. If you are in the design process, it’s much less cost effective to do other than if you already have them in your house. We love writing blogs on home improvements & we believe that you have enjoyed reading this article so feel free to share it with your friends & family to teach them best.

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