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Tornado interesting facts

A tornado is a violent rotation column of air that extends a severe thunderstorm to the ground.

A dark, greenish sky often portends it. Low hanging black storm clouds appear, and then suddenly, a funnel cloud appears. They can tear up everything in their path to include trees, animals, vehicles, homes, and other buildings.

Tornado’s can tear up everything that is in their path. Trees, Animals, Vehicles and of course homes.

Interesting facts about tornados as follows:

  1. Tornado’s are a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud that appears and reaches the ground with winds up to 300mph.
  2. Damage paths of tornados can be over one mile wide and 50 miles long approximately.
  3. Tornados can occur when a warm front meets a cold front, forming a thunderstorm, which then can spawn one or more “twisters.
  4. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to see a tornado until the dust and debris start churning from it. At this time, the funnel is noticeable. You may only hear it during the night, which is said to sound like a freight train. At night you may also see it during a lightning blast.
  5. Tornados are most likely to occur between 3 pm and 9 pm but occur at other times.
  6. In the southern states, peak tornados occurrence is March through, May while peak months in the northernmost states are late June through August.
  7. Funnel clouds usually last less than 10 minutes before dissipating, and many only last several seconds. On rare occasions, cyclones can last for over an hour.

Even though we are not considered a Tornado path, South Carolina does have them. Here at PCS Roofing, we are ready to help you with any roof damage a tornado may cause, Give us a call Today. Tornado Interesting facts blog for PCS Roofing,
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