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June 24, 2024 0 Comments

What to Do When a Large Tree Falls on Your Roof

Extreme weather events can cause serious damage to your property. Sometimes, large trees unexpectedly fall on roofs, posing serious safety concerns. Knowing which steps to take in this scenario can help ensure you and your loved ones remain safe. 

Here’s what you should do when a tree suddenly falls on your roof. 

Ensure Your Family’s Safety

First and foremost, check if anyone inside the house has been harmed. If it’s safe, evacuate the premises to avoid any potential hazards caused by structural damage or electrical issues. Choose a safe meeting place for your family. If the tree has caused severe damage or affected a power line, calling 911 might be necessary. It’s the same if a family member gets injured. 

Contact Your Insurer

Homeowner insurance policies often cover tree removal and repairs. However, you should still carefully read your policy’s inclusions and exclusions. Certain conditions, such as the tree’s location, the cause of the fall and maintenance practices can affect coverage. 

Notify your insurer about your situation immediately. Remember, some insurance providers have deadlines for filing a claim after the damage occurred. An insurance agent will guide you through this process. 

Document the Damage

Once conditions are safe, take photographs or videos of the damage. Good documentation is helpful when filing insurance claims. They provide evidence of the extent and nature of the damage. Keep a safe distance while capturing pictures to avoid accidents and injuries. 

Secure Your Home

If your home sustains extensive damage, it might need to be boarded up or covered with a tarp. It will help protect your house from harsh weather and unauthorized entry. Ensure all valuables and breakable items inside are secured or relocated to prevent additional losses. 

In such situations, you will benefit from working with a local roofing company with experience in storm damage and insurance claims. At PCS Roofing, we will thoroughly assess the damage, offer estimates and work directly with your insurer. Call us at (864) 862-8887 or complete our online form to request a quote.