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March 25, 2023 0 Comments

Why Invest in Your Roof? Here are 5 Good Reasons…

The roof over your head is a constant presence in your life, but let’s face it, you likely don’t pay much attention to it. Unless there’s water falling through cracks or large chunks of shingles falling off, we tend to assume our roof is in good shape and promptly forget about it. Proper roof maintenance is typically something we tend to let fall by the wayside, even if we’re missing a few shingles. It’s important to invest in your roof.

The truth is, keeping your roof in top condition can actually get you a full range of great benefits. Your roof does more for your home than just keep out the rain, and our roofing experts have put together a list of the top 5 things you may not know your roof does for you.

#1 – Your Shield Against Extreme Weather

You know that your roof keeps wind and rain out of your home, but do you understand just how much your roof goes through to protect your family? Besides wind and rain, mother nature has a lot of other weapons that she throws at your roof on a regular basis. Even extreme weather conditions like hurricanes are mitigated by the protection your roof provides.

#2 – Stay Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

Keeping the air in your home at the optimal temperature may seem like it’s your HVAC system’s job, but your roof helps out a lot. Aside from keeping outside air from entering your home and altering the temperature, your roof stops the air produced by your heater and air conditioner from leaving your home, allowing it to continue to circulate and provide you with the comfort you need. By preventing the waste of treated air, your roof saves you money on utility costs!

#3 – Ventilate Your Home

Chimneys and exhaust pipes are common roofing features, and these structures serve an important purpose. They direct the heat, smoke, and steam produced by appliances out of your home. This can help prevent overheating, mold growth, and even dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.

#4 – Keep Pests Out of Your Home

If bugs and rodents want to make themselves at home in your attic, they have to get through your roof first. Although some animals, like squirrels, can chew holes in your roof, regular roof maintenance closes up their entryways and replaces the shingles they tend to dislodge, maintaining a protective barrier against unwanted guests.

#5 – Good Roofing Raises Your Property Values

At the end of the day, a good-quality roof just looks better and makes your home more appealing. This in turn increases the value of your home and the safety of your investment. Roofing matters.

Make Sure Your Roof is Up to the Task

You can get all of the above benefits and more from a quality roof, but the key word here is quality. If your roof is flawed, damaged, or old, it may not be able to give you the protection and security you need.

Make sure your roof is made of the right materials for your home, gets regular maintenance, and gets regular inspections to keep it in fighting shape. An investment in a quality roof is an investment in your family’s peace of mind, and our team is always available to provide the services you need. Call today to schedule your appointment!

PCS Roofing can help with all your roofing needs. Call us today for an inspection to make sure your roof is in good shape to help protect you and your family, and keep your home in great shape!

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