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June 10, 2020 0 Comments

Your Roof in the Summer

Homeowners mostly never give thought abut their roof during the summer. Unless an extreme storm passes through or days of rain, the roof is just a forgotten structure. Of course, damage can occur if you aren’t vigilant. Here are some significant things that can harm your roof this summer.

Tree branches

In the spring, when the trees start extending their branches and greening, it is an excellent time to check if any are touching your roof. Sometimes you will hear the branches brush across your roof or see them from a distance. Branches will lift or scrape against your shingles. By the time you hear or see the branches, it may be too late and has caused damage. Remember to trim back your trees that are close to your roof to avoid damaged shingles. This could cause leaks if the damaged shingles are not replaced.

Your Roof In The Summer – Wayward toys

I don’t know if there has ever been a bored child that didn’t play toss with the roof. How about the Frisbee or tennis ball. Are they too light to cause any harm? The answer is NO; they can get stuck along with other items on the roof and trap moisture beneath them. Sometimes objects can land and lift a shingle slightly and allow moisture to seep beneath it and cause a minor leak. Bouncing a tennis ball off the roof can be even more troublesome. The ball hitting the roof can be compared to hail, which we know can dislodge the protective granules on the shingles. Using a softball or baseball can compress the shingles because of their weight. Both of these can weaken the roof structure, which, in return, have a higher likelihood of leaks.

Bird droppings

If you have a flat roof or another roof that provides optimum nesting spots for birds, droppings can become a significant issue. On the surface, droppings seem like merely an aesthetic problem. Unfortunately, they are highly acidic. This means that the droppings can eat through roof membranes and asphalt shingles. In severe cases, the droppings may even oxidize the finish on metal roof panels. There is a multitude of bird aversion devices you can place on your roofs, such as spike and scare devices. You will also need to clean off the droppings, so the acids cause no further damage.

If you think any of these may be happening to your roof, you need to call your neighborhood roofing company for an inspection.