Critters get off my roof and quit causing damage

Critters on Roof

Critters get off my roof and quit causing damage: Raccoons, bats, birds, and rats..oh my. Critters and pests know how to do real damage to your home. Some burrow into your basement, dig holes in your roof, some like to make their home in your attic. Most creatures love the warmth of your home over the chilly outdoors. […]

Hail Damage To Your Roof – What To Look For.

Storm Damage

Hail damage may not be evident at first glance, but after an Upstate South Carolina hail storm, a roof inspection should be performed right away for hail damage. When it is safe, you should inspect your property. Before grabbing the ladder and climb on your roof, inspect items that are in eye view. Check your gutters, […]

Does your porch need a new roof?

Porch Roof

Porch roofs have been standard on homes everywhere for years. These roofs can protect your porch area from excess water during inclement weather. Remember, water can be destructive to untreated wood and concrete. They are a great addition to homes wanting square spacing. If you have a porch roof, it’s your responsibility to keep it […]

How to inspect your roof after a major storm.

Storm Damage

How to inspect your roof: The roof of your house is vulnerable to damage because of it being exposed to the outdoor elements. Storms with high winds, hail, heavy rain can damage all types of shingles. It is a great idea to see if your local roofing company has routine maintenance plans that include checking […]

Gutters Harming Roof

Blocked Guttering

Blocked Gutters, ignoring not an option. Gutters harming roof: I‘m sure you have been told thousands of times from when your parents told you until you owned your first home. “Clean the Gutters”! We all know that this chore is a pass over on the to-do list. Nobody wants to clean their gutters. After all, […]

Attaching things to your roof.

Roof with Attachments SC

DO NOT attach or mount anything on your roof haphazardly! Attaching things to your roof such as, Basketball hoops, Christmas lights, Solar panels, Satellite dishes, can cause damage. While these attachments may seem reasonable or commonplace, they are damaging your shingles! Boring holes on your roof to install screws or hammering down nails on it, naturally, […]

Don’t Walk on the Roof

Waking on the Roof

Walking on the roof needs to be entirely unavoidable. After all, what reason do you have to be waking on the roof? Avoid it at all costs! You are putting yourself at risk of slipping or falling, but you’re also compromising your roof by subjecting it to weights that are not prepared to support. A roof […]

No, not Mold and Mildew on my Roof!

Roof Cleaning of Mold

Mold on Roof: Homeowners want to keep their whole house from the roof to the floor as well maintained as possible. Of course, the roof is perhaps the most inaccessible part of your home. It’s often put out of mind until damages show itself and bother the household. The constant battering the roof receives from […]

Avoid Getting Taken advantage of After the Storm!

Storm Damage

After the Storm sometimes leads to ROOFING SCAMS!!!!! I’m sure you have been told stories of being taken advantage of by shady contracting services. While, PCS is a residential and commercial roofing contractor,  the following four questions can be applied to any trade or contractor that provides disaster relief services. 1) Licensed, Bonded and insured? (Roofing Scam Check) […]

Do you have moisture problems under your roof surface?

Roof Water Leak

Roof moisture issue can go unnoticed in most cases. There is a problem when the roof leak goes on for an extended period.  The roof moisture will also result in further damage on the roof as well as roof deck concerns. It is important that homeowners prevent these issues from occurring. When you identify the […]